What is Technology Consulting?


Last 2 decades have really boosted the era of Information Technologies. Technology has traveler a highway especially after the 90’s. It used to be stake old DOS back then. Novel Netware and Linux were the available options. Companies used bus topology for network with star topology in the reach of only a few. Hardware prices were roaring with a lot of access limitation. Hard disks for example were in the excess of a few hundred mega bytes leaving you with fewer options to really do anything creative. GUI was limited as was the supporting hardware. But, times have changed now. As bulk of hardware equipment has surpassed their predecessors by at least dozens of times in terms of capacity and performance. This hardware revolution paved the way for software as well. Now, computers encompass every aspect of our life with virtually unlimited options for operations and functionalities. Faster computers have the ability to perform billions of operations in a single second. Software developers didn’t stay behind in the race and, I would say, they narrowed down the gap pretty well. Engaging graphics, real-time performance, multi-tasking and interconnectivity are some of the most lucrative highlights of today’s Information Technology era. So we come back tour basic question: What is technology consulting? As many of you are already aware that most of the modern day software houses provide technology consulting services. The reason behind this is the fact that merely providing a solution is not always enough for a business. In today’s economics, corporations need people who can research, analyzer and deliver the best possible solutions after careful observation and selection. Technology Consulting, in itself, is a vast field and it comprises of dozens of sub branching. Every company cannot and never should claim to cover the full spectrum of this immensely growing field of services and solutions. There can be Business Intelligence Solutions, Software Solutions, Hardware Solutions and so on and so forth but in its real essence, the term IT consulting or Technology Consulting Services really refers to gathering and analyzing business requirements of a specific organization and deliver a cost-effective and performance-optimized solution to fulfill the needs. What really differentiates a better technology consulting services company from the others is a single most important fact. Does that company go a step further in adopting and realizing the business objectives in the solution that they provide by exceeding the expectations in terms of performance? You should never be fooled by flimsy banners and flashy adverts while shopping for a business solution. However, I will cover this topic in another article. For now, our focus is to clear any rust on the understanding of technology consulting. In my opinion, Technology consulting services cover every aspect from problem to solution. A market-driven technology consulting company should be able to offer you innovative solutions with complete flexibility in design and development for future integration and addition of services. Technology consultants devise competitive solutions for a definitive answer to the organizational needs. Both individuals and companies provide technology consulting. If a single individual offers technology consulting, he/ she is less likely to have a dedicated team on its back while, companies, on the other hand offer these services with solid background and experienced teams.