The Importance of Spanish Speaking Call Centers for Your Business


Because the Latino culture is such a large market, estimated to be worth roughly $1 trillion every single year, it is imperative that businesses hire Spanish Speaking call centers whenever possible. It is a proven fact and understood that roughly fifteen percent of all Americans are Latino, which translates into around fifty million people. This number was recorded two years ago, and these statistics have been proven to grow consistently every single year. While the majority of Hispanics can read the English language and speak this fluently, it is important that your business understands the need for adopting the right method to marketing to Hispanics. The fact is that around 70% of all Hispanics prefer to speak Spanish as opposed to English. Hispanic Marketing While most businesses within the United States understand that the Latino market is a large one, they do not adopt the correct strategies. In fact, some companies believe that hiring English speaking agents would be sufficient enough to deal with questions and concerns brought about by a Spanish speaking consumer. An easy way to describe why this is wrong is very simple. Have you ever called a company’s customer care team and had the chance to speak with a non-native English speaker? Have you struggled to understand their accent? You probably have. Hispanics often feel the same way when talking with an American English native. As such, by offering them the ability to talk with a bilingual operator who can speak both English and Spanish, you are provide them with personalized service which they feel proud to have. Right now, not many companies utilize the fact that they can capture the Hispanic market by employing a wider diverse set of customer service agents. The Advantages of a Spanish Speaking Call Center Offering a unique tailored experience for your consumers should be your number one priority. By interacting with your clients and customers on a personal level, you are effectively taking the first step to capturing the market. While the Hispanic market may be difficult to capture, it’s always important to refer back to the fact that it’s a market worth $1 trillion per year. You do the math and you can figure out that this translates to: the Latino buying power equals more business opportunities. Spanish Call Centers and Smart Business Moves As a business owner, it is pertinent to consider hiring a Spanish Call Center to cater to your Hispanic consumers. This in turn may increase your leads and your sales! Choose an established Spanish speaking call center with the most accent-neutral agents and a proven track record of quality and efficient service.}

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