Leading Cause of Bankruptcies in America

There are many reasons people declare bankruptcy. What provides shocking news is always that most people are a SINGLE major ailment away from considering bankruptcy as a possible option. How can this be when most families possess some form of medical insurance? For one thing, everthing depends on several circumstances. Here are a few degrees of what must be considered:

• What type of insurance you have
• What sort of medical issue you have
• What is the co-pay percentage

Medical bills are in reality the biggest reason for bankruptcies in the United States. In 2013 alone, almost 2 million people had filed for bankruptcy citing medical bills because their reasons. Even medical insurance provides minimal assist in preventing these cases.


One reason is the average co-pay in the majority of plans is 20%. This breaks down to well for check-ups and minor injuries however if you happen to contract a serious illness or get into a serious accident, you rack up a bill over $50,000 in places you would need to cover 20% or $10,000 together with the deductible. For just about anybody, this might be a life-changing tragedy that necessitates going to a bankruptcy lawyer.

Who suffer?

Of anyone who has stated medical bills as his or her reasons for declaring bankruptcy, 78% of these had helath insurance of some sort or other. Most of those affected were educated middle-class families. 1 outside of 5 Americans will face problems paying medical bills this current year. Accidents and life-changing diagnosis could happen to anybody.

Even with proper savings and good spending habits, the load of some medical bills wrong in size much for many to handle. This is a problem an estimated 56 million Americans will have to face this season alone.

What could happen?

Seeing since many health care institutions employ their very own means of collecting debts, overdue health bills are treated exactly the same as other debt whatever the fact should you be now not capable of maintaining your job due to your ailment. You can expect similar methods of debt collection for instance multiple telephone calls, court ordered actions, as well as other harassing techniques.

How to handle the issue?

Bankruptcy is, and must always be, thought to be the final option and really should only be seriously considered once all options are exhausted. Lawyers that focused on bankruptcy will also be experts in terms of finding working solutions for debts. Your best approach would be to seek the guidance of a bankruptcy attorney as soon as you are facing an enormous medical bill.

The common belief is the fact that credit card debt or mortgages will be the main causes for declaring bankruptcy. Most people are caught blindsided by such big bills that they can find themselves unable for what to try and do. Simply obtaining the knowledge that 3 away from every 5 bankruptcies originate from medical bills has already been a good start. Knowing is usually half the battle and yes it always beats being caught off-guard.

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